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==Background and References==
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Key Investigators

  • Adrian Dalca (MIT)
  • Katie Bouman (MIT)
  • Polina Golland (MIT)

Project Description

Most synthesis, in-painting or super-resolution methods require a training dataset which includes the desired-quality images. Unfortunately, in the clinical setting this is often now available.

Due to the low quality of clinical images (often with many artifacts, 7mm thick slices, etc), most standard algorithms, such as those for registration, segmentation, analysis, will fail.

To improve results for large datasets of clinical-quality data, we are investigating restoration methods without training datasets. Here, we are using a patch-based Gaussian Mixture Model approach with MRF priors and utilizing only the current dataset, without an external training dataset.

  • We will investigate a current model for learning and using Patch-based Gaussian Mixture Model to restore sparse-slice data.
Approach, Plan