2017 Winter Project Week/Dinner

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Dinner Specs

  • Date and Time: Thursday, January 12, 6pm
  • Location: Desi Dhaba, 401 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (about 10 minute walk from MIT)
  • Food: Indian. (Veg and non-veg options, naan, rice)
  • Cost: (TBD, last year was $25) - CASH ONLY! To be given to Katie Mastrogiacomo (kmast@bwh) during the week. She will provide receipts.
  • Drinks: tap water is included in this price. Beyond that each person pays individually for their drinks.


  1. Curt Lisle
  2. Tina Kapur
  3. Andrey Fedorov
  4. Csaba Pinter
  5. Simon Drouin
  6. Alireza Mehrtash
  7. Henrik G. Jensen
  8. Beatriz Paniagua and +1