2017 Winter Project Week/LiverResectionPlanning

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Key Investigators

  • Louise Oram, The intervention centre - Oslo University Hospital
  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH
  • Christian Herz, BWH
  • Andras Lasso, Queens

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • To create an extension that allows surgeons to create 3D models and plan liver resection surgeries.
  • This extension will contain modules for segmenting parts of the liver (parenchyma, tumours, portal and hepatic veins), as well as a module for creating a resection plan in the resulting 3D model.
  • Possible need for special type of model node when importing / saving data? (have a vtkMRMLResectionSurfaceNode, which will contain a list of control points for the resection surface)
  • Refactoring current modules to improve code and fit into extensions structure
  • Using VTK field data to store / retrieve extra information for resection surfaces
  • Structure in place for loading / saving resection surfaces (resectionSurfaceNodes inheriting from modelNode, reader, registering IO...)
  • Fruitful discussions:
  • Learnt more about options for customizing Slicer
  • Use SegmentationNode to solve issues with needing to load many models
  • Feedback on modules, should try to generalize the vessel segmentation to be usable on other images (not just contrast enhanced CT of the liver)

Background and References