2017 Winter Project Week/Organizations

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Key Investigators

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Increase visibility of Slicer* {Projects, Topics, Organizations, Flavors, Solutions} and their training material, webpages, etc., from slicer.org
  • Build community
  • Increase impact of slicer.org website by showing impressive Slicer* information
  • Meet and discuss
  • Initial mockup of landing page
  • Discussion of favorite quotes
    • Quality is the enemy of speed
  • We crashed a CSAIL conference room and used their whiteboard to plot and plan Thursday
  • We drafted lists of the following:
    • requirements to be a Slicer Solution/Project/Organization
      • open-source repo, specialized functionality, and live project with a contact person responsible for answering user questions
    • information needed for inclusion on the proposed webpage
      • very short description, icon, institute, Slicer* name, main webpage link, tutorials webpage link
    • Brainstorming for name of what these should be called
      • Slicer Topics, Projects, Toolkits, Organizations, Bundles, Tools, Flavors, Environments, Solutions
      • Tentative interest in Solutions

Background and References