2017 Winter Project Week/Slicer HoloLens

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Key Investigators

  • Adam Rankin (Robarts Research Institute, Canada)
  • Ryan D'Souza (Northern Digital Inc., Canada - External)
  • Matthew Jolley (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - doesn't know it yet)
  • Slicer UI/Rendering expert (help needed)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Discuss with other interested parties the value of HoloLens integration
  • HoloLens deemed not worth the effort at this time
  • Discussion changed to OpenVR integration as a visualization platform from Slicer
    • Identification of relevant steps to enable OpenVR output from Slicer
      • 20% - Upgrade Slicer to VTK >= 553a8bc0dd32889cc0eef49f2462e9b7e7ae81e3 (updated OpenVR support)
      • 20% - Enable support for a single application to instantiate multiple factory overrides of vtkRenderer, vtkRenderWindow, etc...
        • Subclass ctkVTKRenderView, ctkVTKAbstractView with -> ctkVTKVRRenderView, ctkVTKVRAbstractView such that they instantiate vtkOpenVRRenderer, vtkOpenVRRenderWindow, etc... instead of factory overridden default
      • 60% - Extend Slicer to use new OpenVR related classes
        • Create classes qMRMLVRView, qMRMLVRWidget, etc...
        • Update layout manager to support new view type

Background and References