4D DTI tractography in Slicer for TBI

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Results of affine and Bspline registration

Key Investigators

Bo Wang, Andrei Irimia, Micah Chambers, Jack Van Horn, Marcel Prastawa, Guido Gerig


  • Combining structural and DTI information for assessment of recovery and treatment efficacy for TBI.
  • Coregistration of structural and DTI data of TBI.
  • Applying 4D model to DTI data to investigate the changes between acute and chronic time points.

Approach, Plan

  • Register DTI to structural images.
  • Apply deformation between acute and chronic time points to the co-registered DTI images
  • Evaluate initial result with our collaborators


  • using Slicer registration modules to do coregistration between structural and diffusion MRI.
    • talked to James about using Slicer modules to do coregistration, tried his script of using Slicer modules to process TBI data.
    • talked to Martin about coregistration of structural and diffusion MRI in Slicer.
    • tried affine, Bspline, demons registration modules.
  • worked with Andrei and Anuja together to solve the problem of loading DICOM images.
  • talked to Ron and learned DWI to Full Brain Tractography, MultiVolumeImporter, MultiVolumeExplorer modules in Slicer 4.
  • discussed with Andrei and Micah about recent progress and future plan.
  • attended the TBI DBP Team Meeting.