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* [http://www.vtkedge.org/ VTK Edge] will be consolidated into VTK
* [http://www.vtkedge.org/ VTK Edge] will be consolidated into VTK
* In progress:
* In progress:
** VTK Charting http://blog.cryos.net/archives/236-VTK-New-2D-API,-Canvas-and-Charting-Features.html
** [http://blog.cryos.net/archives/236-VTK-New-2D-API,-Canvas-and-Charting-Features.html VTK 2D Charting]
** Informatics
** Informatics
** Examples makeover
** Examples makeover

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Information about NA-MIC Kit component developments over the past year so that developers will have an idea of what new features are available for their use.


  • Label image classes
  • QuadEdgeMesh spherical registration
    • Rigid
    • Deformable (Diffeomorphic Demons)
  • Region based Level Sets
  • Pixel coordinates consistency
  • Multi-threaded registration framework
    • multi-threaded metrics
    • thread-safe transforms




  • XNAT 1.4 RC3 available
    • More robust QC modeling via xnat:qcManualAssessorData.
    • New 'columns' variable for REST based listings.
    • LDAP support.
    • Improved memory footprint and efficiency.
    • Refactored Search UI in the listing engine.
  • xnatfs provides WebDav access to XNAT instances


  • Interactive experiments' results browser.
  • CSV and generated commands dumps and preview.
  • Support for LSF and Lava cluster DRMs.
  • Ability to override auto-discovered DRMs with configured ones.
  • Ability to override default database installation location.
  • Function to extract experiments' parameters from text files.
  • Operations to delete, pause and resume experiments.
  • Recommended to watch: 5 minutes demo video.


  • Improvement in the integration of grid computing using condor.
  • Semi-Automatic conversion of Slicer modules for batch processing
  • Parameter exploration is now possible
  • Execution of algorithms are faster


  • parallel ctest (ctest -j)
  • cpack
  • conversion to cmake in-progress
  • linkage between CTest and MIDAS in progress
    • Host large datasets for algorithm validation and performance testing
      • Demonstrated using RegisterImages

3D Slicer

  • List of new modules and features (TBD)
  • 3.4/3.4.1 release information
  • Extension Architecture and Extension Modules
  • ARRA Supplement Projects
  • Qt Port (lead in to Julien's 8:30 session)
    • Co-existence of KWWidgets and Qt
    • Creation of a subset of the needed Qt widgets
    • Full port in Qt of first modules
    • Design of the core architecture in Qt (plugin mechanism, Command line modules, widget libraries...)
    • Tutorials for the slicer developer community to port modules
    • Gallery and Tutorials
  • More info on the Slicer wiki News Page
  • multi-camera view in Slicer (endoscopy application)

Other Topics