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  • Steve
  • Jim
  • Andras
  • Csaba
  • Greg
  • Andrey

(Everyone with an interest in this topic is welcome)


The DICOM standard is big and complicated. And yet, it only describes one aspect of what we commonly call "DICOM Data" because in the real world, software packages ignore the inconvenient or incomplete parts of the spec and implement something that "works for them". We see this repeated in many areas: RT, Diffusion, fMRI, Structured Reporting, Text Encodings, Deidentification...


  • How to characterize Real World DICOM so that we can effectively write code that works with it
    • Example data from the wild
    • Use cases that lead to non-standard data
  • How do other systems deal with this kind of data
  • What would we like to see in the NA-MIC software to help us deal with it
  • Patient hierarchy [3]
    • Outstanding implementation questions
    • Possible pitfalls and obstacles
    • Future work