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Algorithms Core: Slicer Modules Under Development

These modules will become (or are already) available as extensions in the Slicer Extension Manager as part of the NAMIC Algorithm Core efforts:

  • Left atrium segmentation: In collaboration with the Afib DBP. Graph-cut based segmentation that loads meshes, allows users to interactively "center" the model, perform the graph-cut segmentation, scan convert results into a volumetric format. Contact: Gopal Veni, University of Utah.
  • Multimaterial meshing: Surface and volumetric meshing of multimaterial volumes with output surface triangles viewable within Slicer. Contact: Jonathan Bronson, University of Utah.
  • Interactive segmentation: Control based interactive segmentation module, allowing users to use feedback and observer based principles to drive active contours to equilibrium position and capture desired features. Contact: Ivan Kolesov, SUNY Stony Brook.
  • Sobolev active contours: Robust implementation of the active contour methodology using a Sobolev norm, giving much better results in the presence of noise. Contact: Arie Nakhmani, UAB.
  • Model-based RSS for left atrium segmentation: RSS integrated with a shape prior that is specifically desgined for segmentating the left atrium from MR images. Contact: Liangjia Zhu, SUNY Stony Brook.
  • Left atrial scar segmentation: Given the endocardium of the left atrium, this module automatically extracts the scarring tissue. Contact: Liangjia Zhu, SUNY Stony Brook.