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Installation Instructions for x86_64 Linux, Centos

  • Running DCM4CHEE
    • sudo /opt/dcm4chee-psql-2.14.7/bin/run.sh
    • change default AETitle to MI2B2 (See step 12. at http://www.dcm4che.org/confluence/display/ee2/Installation)
    • test then stop run.sh
    • Run as a service (See step 18 at http://www.dcm4che.org/confluence/display/ee2/Installation)
      • edit /opt/dcm4chee-psql-2.14.7/server/default/conf/jboss-log4j.xml to comment out "<appender-ref ref="CONSOLE"/>"
      • sudo cp /opt/dcm4chee-psql-2.14.7/bin/dcm4chee_init_redhat.sh /etc/init.d/dcm4chee
      • Modify JBOSS_HOME, JBOSS_USER and JAVAPTH in /etc/init.d/dcm4chee
      • sudo /sbin/chkconfig dcm4chee on
      • sudo service dcm4chee start
  • Stop DCM4CHEE
    • sudo /sbin/service dcm4chee stop