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The MGH Morphometric Analysis Center (MMAC) is established for the generation of neuroanatomic morphometric measurements. It provides the infrastructure to support the necessary level of administrative, operational, financial and physical presence that is necessary to provide a more efficient, cost effective and flexible morphometric measurement service to meet the needs of the clinical community.

Major Equipment

  • (16) Dual Pentium processors running Linux. 1024+Mby RAM.
  • 2+ TB online RAID disk space for storing images and morphometric data and for developing software.
  • (4) Linix-based servers; 1 dedicated web services, 1 dedicated to CD writing for permanent data backup and storage and 2 dedicated file servers each serving a RAID disk systems.


The services that are offered fall into two classes of anatomic procedure: ‘General Segmentation’ and ‘Cortical Parcellation’. General Segmentation includes all principle gross structures of the human brain, including cortex, white matter, and cerebral deep gray matter structures. Cortical Parcellation involves assessment of the cerebral cortex in the context of gyral-based regions.

Each of the classes of anatomic analysis can be delivered in an ‘automated’ and ‘manual’ mode. The ‘manual’ mode involves substantial technician involvement in all stages of the segmentation procedures, and follows a long established analysis and anatomic definition protocol. The ‘automated’ mode involves reduced technician intervention, but follows newer, computationally encoded anatomic analysis conventions.


To access the core, please contact Nikos Makrisby email. More information are available on the website