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Action Items (details below)

  1. Welcome to Neil Rofsky new representative from BIDMC!
  2. All sites to populate and edit their Image Acquisition/Analysis and Education resources on our wiki ASAP. Navigators to work individually with each site representative to do this quickly.
  3. All sites to add "use cases" for what services they currently provide to the wiki on the page called "Under Development"
  4. Clare agreed to collect information from the RSNA initiative or point us to where to get it.
  5. August 5th meeting will be used to begin process of defining consulting services plan based on these use cases

Harvard Translational Imaging Consortium Meeting Minutes July 22, 2008

In Attendance (by T-con):

  • Clare Tempany
  • Bruce Rosen
  • Gordon Williams
  • Randy Gollub
  • Bill Hanlon
  • Bob Lenkinski

1. RSNA sponsored CTSC connection
Clare briefed us on the already active effort among previously funded CTSC's with Imaging Cores to work together to support within and across site biomedical imaging efforts. She stressed the importance of staying closely connected with this effort as our site will be judged by NIH in comparison with this benchmark (e.g. we should be up to speed on all that they are offering). Group agreed to share the responsibilities of attending these T-cons and the face-to-face meetings for this and other similar efforts known to be coming (ACRIN meeting is on the radar screen for early October for instance). Clare is willing to be our initial liaison for obtaining information on site resources. Ron Kikinis is already hooked in on the topic of neuroinformatics. The meeting dates are now posted on our wiki so we can assign names to each responsibility as people volunteer.

2. Consultation Service
Group agreed this would take more discussion as this is the key focus of our work. Liked the idea of focusing on existing expertise (MR, PET, CT) as it is reasonably well matched to current demand. Will let investigator demand drive planning to extend our focus. We will use our next face to face meeting at BIDMC on August 5th to tackle this. Based on the auto-replies I got back from this morning's emails, Gordon Harris, Annick and Jeff should all be back in town and hopefully can join. In preparation for this we agreed to gather our ideas by using "USE CASES" or examples of consults we are already receiving from Clinical Translational investigators. Randy has started a page for this on the wiki we can all populate. Clare will either send Randy her screening sheet they use at the BWH GCRC Imaging core to help organize this page or do it herself.

3. Education Program
Group vetted the plans we discussed previously. Randy to prepare them in a table format with timelines. Final decisions regarding content and speakers for mini-series to be determined after we complete compiling our existing resources.

4. Image Data Management and Shared Imaging Data
The Morphometry BIRN and NAMIC leadership is preparing a proposal for the CTSC Imaging Consortium and Informatics Core for a data management system that would support both local clinical translational investigators doing their own imaging studies and sharing image data collections more broadly. Randy will forward the draft document to the group in advance of next Tuesday's meeting for group discussion.

5. Curation of Site resources
Group reviewed MGH site resources as template for how to format all sites. Approved the concept. Randy will polish the MGH site resources to be in harmony with other CTSC needs with the help of the Navigators on Friday July 25th. The navigators will then contact each site's representative to make a meeting to get all site's resources loaded in the same format. This will be done for image acquisition, analysis visualization and data management resources as well as educational/training resources (new column added). Agreed to include animal imaging resources but clearly separated so that when the material is migrated to CONNECTS we initially copy only the human but have the animal stuff ready to go when they are requested (as they likely will be).

6. Collaborative response to Harvard-wide Technology White Paper
Bruce still trying to connect with Dr. Edleman.

7. Regulatory Issues
Wow none brought up today!