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In consultation with the Slicer 3 development team we propose the following:

IMMEDIATE GOAL: Slicer 3 Basics

  • Content to include structural MRI data loading, viewing, and saving. Model making.
  • Development cycle will be:
  1. Sonia/Randy testing on multiple platforms with feedback to Slicer 3 development team
  2. mock-up tutorial with Shenton/Kubieki lab power users (Sylvian, Doug, etc) using a few guiding slides, but mostly live demo, more feedback to Slicer 3 team
  3. draft tutorial with Martinos Slicer users, more feedback to Slicer 3 team
  4. final tutorial
  • Target data for completion is end of March/ early April

SECOND GOAL: Slicer DTI module

  • Content to be determined at Slicer DTI module functionality demo March 27th, 10 AM SLP Lab (Steve P, Randy, Sonia, Lauren, Raul).
  • Will use the status of the module at this time to determine final plans for OHBM Workshop. Module must be ready for immediate use by Training core for generating tutorial materials if to be used at OHBM in June.
  • Development cycle will be same as above with new dates TBD at this meeting.


Make Mouse pads with the Slicer3 Gui on them to hand out at all Workshops ( Go Wendy!

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