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=User information / Tutorials=
=User information / Tutorials=
* Detecting subtle change in pathology: [http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/images/8/8b/Slicer3Training_ChangeTracker.ppt slides], [http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/images/1/19/ChangeTracker-Tutorial-Data.zip data]
* Detecting subtle change in pathology: [https://na-mic.org/w/images/8/8b/Slicer3Training_ChangeTracker.ppt slides], [https://na-mic.org/w/images/1/19/ChangeTracker-Tutorial-Data.zip data]
* ChangeTracker module documentation page on Slicer Wiki [http://wiki.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php?title=Modules:ChangeTracker-Documentation here]
* ChangeTracker module documentation page on Slicer Wiki [http://wiki.slicer.org/slicerWiki/index.php?title=Modules:ChangeTracker-Documentation here]

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ChangeTracker is a 3D Slicer GUI module for monitoring slowly evolving tumors. This page will host the relevant information about ChangeTracker.

What's New

  • Jan 25, 2009, use of 3d box widget with tumor volume rendering for ROI selection
  • Jan 12, 2009, New visualization features integrated
  • Jan 4-9, 2009, ChangeTracker project on NA-MIC AHM/Programming Week at Salt Lake City. See summary and results here
  • Dec 27, 2008, DiameterEstimator tool is available for automatic estimation of tumor diameter from the binary image


User information / Tutorials

  • Detecting subtle change in pathology: slides, data
  • ChangeTracker module documentation page on Slicer Wiki here

Technical details

Bugs / Known issues

  • during "Analysis type step", Slicer crashes if "Analyze" button is hit more than once
  • registration of a new volume node with the scene results in update of the slice views: Resolved: this appeared to be due to a lacking functionality in SliceCompositeNode, which invoked PropagateVolumeUpdate() on image load. This functionality can now be controlled via the DoPropagatVolumeUpdate in SliceComposite MRML node
  • incorrect setting of the registration parameters results in registration producing empty volume, no error messages from the module: Resolved: committed a fix to CommandLineModuleLogic to update the module node status correctly to indicate the error, if module entry point returns non-zero. TODO: update ChangeTracker logic to account for this change
  • need to investigate reproducibility of registration and impact of the random seed initialization: Linear registration updated with metric seed reinitialization
  • investigate reasons for segfault with the weird dataset from Yanling: Resolved (?): data is intrinsically very difficult to align. Registration must be solved prior to using ChangeTrcker
  • check and clean up file output procedures (..-TG directories)

Feature requests/Features under development

  • multi-color volume rendering for tumor growth results: DONE
  • use Compare view: DONE
  • 3d box widget for ROI selection DONE
  • analysis of multiple time points
  • testing IN PROGRESS
  • improved tumor segmentation to exclude prominent non-tumor regions (vessels, scull, falx)
  • Jean-Jacques Lemaire: would be nice to combine growth results with the 3D rendering of the estimated tumor volume
  • Jean-Jacques Lemaire: improve user interface for tumor boundary identification -- something missing in the existing tools; would like to see better robustness of segmentation
  • Ron wish list: get user input for inside/outside locations of points for tracked structure, use this for threshold selection and initial segmentation; ROI centering; sync ROI scales colors with the 3d box colors; review naming conventions for intermediate volumes; allow for separate show/hide functionality for 3d box and volume rendering; link compare views; support scene snapshots; fix bottom layout panel random popup issue
  • graceful error handling

Use cases


  • Ron Kikinis
  • Kilian Pohl
  • Andriy Fedorov



  1. E.Konukoglu, W.M.Wells, S.Novellas, N.Ayache, R.Kikinis, P.M.Black, K.M.Pohl. Monitoring Slowly Evolving Tumors. Proc. of 5th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro 2008, pp.812-815 link


Please contact Andriy Fedorov for further information.