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Collaboration Grants

Collab-composite-i.png One way to measure a Center's technological success is to value its ability to attract external collaborations. As NA-MIC has evolved, the number of external collaborators seeking to use 3D Slicer to provide answers and solve problems in biomedical research has expanded steadily. NA-MIC currently has 30 active collaborations funded by NIH or other international institutions. The breakdown of current collaboration grants includes 8 PARs funded through the Program for Collaborations with National Centers for Biomedical Computing, 17 additional external collaborations representing a variety of national health institutes and funding mechanisms (e.g., R01, U54, PAR, etc.), and 5 international collaborations. The quality of the research institutions from which these collaborations emanate speaks volumes about the quality of 3D Slicer and the ability of NA-MIC scientists to deliver affordable, workable end-to-end solutions. Moreover, as the tools, technology, and infrastructure developed by NA-MIC have matured, so has the nature of these collaborations, now including organs, diseases, and disciplines well beyond the neuroscience field.
Follow this link for a synopsis of NA-MIC's External Collaborations.