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Key Investigators

  • MIND: Jeremy Bockholt, Sumner Williams
  • MGH: Bruce Fischl
  • Utah: Tom Fletcher
  • Iowa: Vincent Magnotta


We are interested for further methods for analyzing diffusion tensor data. We currently use V. Magnotta GTRACT tools, but wish to come up to speed on additional methods and tools in the NA-MIC kit. The MCIC project has approximately 300 schizophrenic patients and matched healthy volunteers collected at 4 sites for which we can potentially apply NA-MIC kit tools.

Approach, Plan

Our approach for analyzing diffusion tensors is use documentation on existing tools once our data is converted to NRRD format.

Our plan for the project week is to first try out <bar>,...


  • We have an anonymized dicom mosaic format MGH 60 direction test data set with us.
  • Sumner is struggling to convert the mosaic format into NRRD (the mosaic format does not appear to be compatible with unu?)
  • We have asked Raul to assist us with reading this data-set into NRRD. He suggested running a demosaic script and then a standard unu script to read this type of data in.