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Specific Aims

  1. Create a collaboration methodology for NAMIC
    1. Work with PIs and Management Core to develop a selection process for identifying collaborators and defining the scope of the collaborations.
    2. Develop a set of guidelines to govern the collaborations including but not limited to expected authorship of publications, data sharing, intellectual property ownership, grant citation, and other academic recognition.
    3. Provide on-site training of individuals at collaborating sites using materials and educational objectives defined in collaboration with the Training Core.
    4. With the Service Core, develop a web site infrastructure to capture the results of the collaborations.
  2. Facilitate communication between NAMIC developers and wider research community
    1. Work with the Training Core to develop materials describing NAMIC technology to enhance user proficiency.
    2. With the Training Core, participate in scientific meetings to encourage adoption of NAMIC technology by the community.
    3. Document interactions with external researchers and communicate the information to NAMIC developers to help define priorities and development directions.
    4. Coordinate publication strategies by serving as a point-of-contact for editors seeking contributions and by documenting potential publication topics and encouraging NAMIC developers to create manuscripts.
  3. Develop a publicly accessible internet resource of data, software, documentation, and publication of new discoveries
    1. With the Service Core, maintain an on-line repository of NAMIC related publications and presentations including supporting data and code where appropriate.
    2. With Training Core, maintain an on-line repository of NAMIC tutorial and training material.
    3. Provide an index and a searchable database to assist users in finding the NAMIC resources and links to related external resources.
    4. With the Service Core, develop automated feedback systems that track software downloads and gather user feedback in order to better understand the community’s reactions to the software.