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Dartmouth: Andy Saykin, Laura Flashman, Heather Wishart, Bob Roth, Tara McHugh, John MacDonald, John West, Nancy Koven, Jo Cara Pendergrass, Heather Pixley, folks from the MRI Suite.

BWH: Marek Kubicki


MRI: Structural sequences for use at 3T; Head coil selection; MPRage

fMRI: Porting Dartmouth Tasks to BWH fMRI; Scanner differences; Stimulus Delivery

DTI: Optimal acquisition parameters; Analysis of current data; Slicer Use for Fiber Tracking and Fractional Anisotropy


Brain Imaging Lab, Area 5D Psychiatry at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


1:00-2:00 General Meeting with the Dartmouth NA-MIC members

  • Overview of Dartmouth's Progress and Goals
  • General Discussion of current and future methods
  • Scanner comparison and parameter discussion

2:00-3:00 Structural Hour

  • Slicer Use and methods for the Uncinate Fasciculus
  • Viewing of 3D Basal Ganglia and Medial Temporal Lobe Structures

3:00-3:30 Presentation Software Exploration - John W. MacDonald

  • Overview of Task Design
  • Programming in Presentation
  • Demonstration of Tasks
  • Facilitating Data Collection
  • Task Scoring and Analyses

3:30-3:45 Meeting with Dr. Laura Flashman

  • Discussion of Awareness and Schizophrenia

3:45-4:30 Meeting with John D. West and Robert Roth

  • Results from the VR Recognition task
  • Discussion of our use of hippo ROIs to interrogate data
  • Overview of SPM features in fMRI to interrogate data for analyses outside of SPM
    • Cluster extractions - VOI function
    • Plot function for outlier investigation

4:30-7:00 Meeting with Andy Saykin

  • Tour of new Advanced Imaging Center and 3T magnet
  • Tour of Clinical Radiology Facilities
  • Observe fMRI session on the 1.5T magnet at DHMC