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There are three objectives:

  • Inter-Subject, Diffusion-to-Diffusion, affine registration
  • Inter-Subject, Diffusion-to-Diffusion, non linear registration.
  • Intra-Subject, Diffusion-to-Structural affine registration.

However, there is enough data to also test structural to structural registration as well.


The following data in NRRD format for 4 cases is provided on the BIRN portal in /home/Projects/NAMIC__0003/Files/PNL/RegistrationTestCases :

  • 1.5T Coronal series of contiguous spoiled gradient (SPGR) images (voxel dimensions, 0.9375x0.9375x1.5mm). (caseX_SPGR)
  • 1.5T Axial series of contiguous double-echo images (Proton Density and T2 Weighted, (voxel dimensions, 0.9375x0.9375x3mm). (caseX_T2; caseX_PD)
  • 1.5T Line Scan Diffusion Imaging (LSDI) scan. 6 directions, (voxel dimensions, 0.859x0.859x5mm).(caseX_DWI)
  • 3T 3D FSPGR Axial, (voxel dimensions, 0.5x0.5x1mm). (caseX_SPGR_3T)
  • 3T T2 Axial 2mm, (voxel dimensions, 0.859x0.859x2mm). (caseX_T2_3T)
  • 3T Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) Diffusion scan, (voxel dimensions, 0.9375x0.9375x1.7mm). (caseX_DWI_3T)