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MeshVisu is a visualization tool that we started developing as a project during the first programming week in Boston. Its main functionality is to combine geometric surfaces with some numerical attributes, and providing customizable ways of visualizing this data. We are currently using it in our shape analysis projects at UNC, but the structure is flexible enough to support various other application areas.

What we want to achieve during this second programming week is:

  1. Extend the functionality to support 3D attributes (vector fields, ellipsoid fields)
  2. Migrate the user interface to KWWidgets environment

Current Status

The project has two main components: the development of library classes; and the MeshVisu application, that both serves as a way of testing and as a tool that we actually use for our shape analysis.

Our render methods currently support 1D attribute data on arbitrary triangle meshes. We are currently working on support for 3D attributes - because we need to be able to visualize vector fields (application example: local growth vectors) and ellipsoid fields (app. ex.: covariances) Hopefully, these will be ready in the library by the time we get to Salt Lake City, so that we can incorporate them into the tool.

The user interface is currently implemented using FLTK, but as part of the programming week, we want to port it to KWWidgets environment.


All the code for this library is accessible through the UNC NeuroLib CVS, and will also be soon available in the NAMIC Sandbox.

Test Data

We're currently using the Harvard caudate data.


  • Ipek Oguz - UNC
  • Martin Styner - UNC
  • Sebastien Barre - Kitware