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Dan, Jim, Jags, Brendan, Steve, Tina, Xiaodong, Alex, Katie, Nicole, Luis, Sebastien, Mathieu, Andy, Ron



  • What projects does the engineering group want covered in project week?
    • Note: no block of hotel rooms; make individual arrangements.
    • Agenda is like last year
    • Discussion of organization (wiki, sandbox)
      • Tina will work on a wiki page template for projects
  • Annual Report
    • Side discussion of the wiki page naming with / compared to :
    • Discussion of wiki drops
    • Project updates due Monday
    • Tina will send a link to Grace so she can see what's in process
  • Slicer3 meeting
    • progress on all fronts
    • Ron: keep the project pages up to date
    • Make the Slicer3 page the 'front' page that Ron can point outsiders to for updates on the status
    • Jim/Luis/Dan discussed a bug in ITK registration
  • Misc. Updates
    • Probably July 19th for NIH training session
      • Sonia is available, Ron will confirm with Mike Ackerman
    • Ron won't be at the Project week due to a conflict (trip to Japan)