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  1. Administrivia (Dan)
  2. NAMIC Sandbox
  3. Using NRRD to read Harvard data (Guido)
  4. Dart 2 Release (Dan)
  5. Wiki e-mail notification - enotif(Jim)
  6. Summer Retreat Followup (Tina can't attend, but the wiki speaks for her) -- Please take a few minutes to "attach" your name to one of the project teams. Thanks.
  7. Open Line (All)

Attendees (please add your name if it's missing):

Will Schroeder (Kitware)
Andy Cedilnik (Kitware)
Sebastien Barre (Kitware)
Dan Blezek (GE)
Jim Miller (GE)
Xiaodong Tao (GE)
Ron Kikinis (Brigham)

Meeting Notes:

  1. Structuring the NAMIC sandbox. Sandbox areas for different applications (e.g., DTI, I/O, projects, by institution, etc.) Thinking of a dashboard per project, as well as a rollup for the whole sandbox.
  2. DART2 formally announced a couple of weeks ago. Dan is tackling issues and problems. KAFFE (IBM's Java compiler could not handle code). Sandia is trying to roll his own CTest...Dan is thinking about creating a simplified XML spec to support such efforts. Once the problems are worked out we should have people writing JUnit adaptors, etc. Other issues are how to navigate the DARTboard (day view vs. longer term view). The idea of supporting build stages was brought up. Dan thinks that an Ant interface may be constructed soon. Looking to package DART for distribution (Install Anywhere).
  3. The NAMIC kit will require packaging (CPack) as well. For now, we will package DART with jar file and documentation.
  4. Dan wants to edit old DART web pages on Andy will set up automated posting of web pages.
  5. Wiki e-mail notification: can people be modified when Wiki pages change? Enotif appears to be the way to do this. Jim is looking for ways to use the Wiki better (e.g., a site map).
  6. Michael- pipeline update. Packaged the ITK exercises into single module pipelines. Releases don't include some of the packages that are required to use properly.
  7. UCSD: Grid discussion held yesterday (see Wiki notes). Queried Sun as to whether a loaner system can be set up for the summer retreat

Action Items

  1. Bill Lorensen sends PowerPoint notes to Luis and Luis starts setting up structure.
  2. Andy- automatic updates of web pages for DART
  3. Andy- look into getting Enotif running for Wiki page modification
  4. Andy- is there a way to build a site map for the Wiki? (investigate)
  5. Michael- post to the NAMIC mailing list regarding the LONI status (please send a reminder)