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   * Administrivia ( Bill, et. al. )
   * Updates to programming week
   * Pipeline feedback (Jim, if present)
   * Open Line

Attendees: Bill Lorensen, Steve Pieper, Andy Cedilnik, Mike Pan, Peter Lyster


Preliminary discussion of licenses:

  • is LGPL okay or too infectious?
  • discussion of case histories of personal experiences with license violators
  • many opinions, no clear answers

Programming week

  • Tina travelling, so not programming week update

Pipeline testing

  • Jim in a different meeting, but Bill reports he is making progress on the pipeline testing with simple ITK examples.
  • Mike reports they are getting close to release of the new LONI Pipeline

Slicer 3

  • Discussion of slicer3 architecture plans -- Steve and Will will do more agenda work on Monday. Sebastien has made a widget tour that Steve has tested; a gigger version of this will be available for the programmer's retreat.

Grid / ITK

  • Discussion of pipeline and grid resources for programmer week. Jeff Grethe will have Condor on 33 node cluster and Mike says that this will work for running client pipelines.

Open Mic

  • Discussion of how great the new ctest and dart2 tests are running. Mike and Andy will work on improving java support in ctest. Junit has it's own driver to run tests, so getting it to work with ctest seems possible.