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  • Slicer3 builds for testing should be posted by this afternoon. Last minute issues:
    • cpack issues with latest cmake changes
    • some threading issues
    • module paths
    • UNC cort thickness tool in slicer3,
      • Deformable registration to parcellation template in Slicer3?
    • Martin: Processing of multiple data/pipelining in Slicer3
    • misc Slicer3: Slicer increment of 1, dynamic module loading
    • any others?
  • Please write down questions for the NIH program team here: AHM_2007:NIH_Panel_Discussion. These will be addressed by them at the AHM in SLC.
  • Planning Project Half Week in SLC, Jan 10 and 12, 2007: 2007_Project_Half_Week. Need a 10-minute review of this page. An email invite will go out to namic-all with this page after the tcon, and the following TCON (Dec 7th) with be Project Half Week TCON#1.
  • Luca Antiga, Mario Negri Institute, Italy. Proposals for collaboration with NA-MIC on the following topics
    • vmtk - Vascular modeling toolkit (with D.Steinman, U of Toronto and B.Desjardins, U of Michigan): possible interaction with Slicer; clinical applications
    • Anatomical and functional renal imaging
  • NIfTI effort to standardize transforms (Steve)
  • Question from Ron about Radiation Therapy (RT) extensions of DICOM and how/if they are supported by GDCM / ITK (Steve)

Attendees: Luca, Martin