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Slicer 3 Dartboard

Link to the Slicer 3 Dartboard here


No tcon due to AHM


  • Attendees: Jim, Steve, Will, Brad Davis
  • Topics:
    • Jim and Bill talked about leading the Monday and Friday sessions, and who would do what.
    • We are going to send out reminders to the project leads to ensure that their project descriptions are up to date
    • We discussed the software process project to make sure that we have a chance to address the Slicer build process, dashboards, etc.
    • We decided not to hold the project wrap-up presentation at AHM; we will do that later at subsequent TCons. (We decided that we needed the time to actually work. We are concerned that we are starting to see too many break-outs and not enough time to work.)
    • We keenly missed Tina and hope that she and her family are doing well.