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Slicer 3 Dartboard

Link to the Slicer 3 Dartboard here



Attendees: Jim, Steve, Stephen, Wendy, Xiaodong, Nicole, Katie, Ron

  • Project week follow-up
    • Half of tcon on Feb 7
    • Half of tcon on Feb 14
  • Registration
    • Viola-Wells optimizations need to be enabled
    • Stephen needs to check-in and publish recent changes
    • Stephen needs to update the wiki
    • Luis continues to make optimizations (main focus is memory reduction)
  • BatchMake
    • Grid Wizard - meeting on Monday
    • Integration with Slicer delivered via getbuildtest2
  • New webpages
  • Slicer-specific wiki
    • Migrating appropriate info from Na-mic to slicer
    • Hold off on adding to Slicer-wiki until notified
      • Continue using Na-mic wiki
  • New Nitrc project
    • Jim Miller is leading
    • "Slicer3 plug-in examples" project
    • - search for slicer3
      • Includes demo/stub for ITK filtering data, etc.
    • Collection associated with an ITK course being taught
    • Requires CVS version of ITK
    • Works with Slicer build and Slicer install
    • Steve P is the liaison with NITRC
  • Slicer tutorial at UNC, April 14th
  • User-level Slicer training - Feb 20 at BWH
    • 1249 Boyleston
    • Release version of Slicer3


Attendees: Jim, Steve, Wendy, Xiaodong, Nicole, Katie, Alex, Luis, Ron, Will

  • Project week follow-up (Next week?)
    • Will will send email invitations for first half of projects for next week's tcon
  • Loadable modules
    • Alex and Terry are rearranging Slicer3.cxx to support loadable modules
    • Separate branch for built-in module discovery process
    • Sebastien is working on build issues for modules whose code is outside Slicer3
  • GenerateCLP - Thanks Hans for changes to support building modules
    • Hans is running a class this semester where the students will build Slicer CLI modules.
    • Jim is working on an ExampleModule for people to use as a template for building modules outside of Slicer3. Perhaps NITRC.
  • XML library
    • What to do with libaries that are too big to include in the source directory?
  • AHM 2009, Jan 5-9, 2009
  • Summer Project Week, Jun 23-27, 2008
  • New server architecture for wiki, svn, publication database


Attendees: Jim, Katie, Sebastien, Stephen, Luis, Steve, Wendy, Will

  • Luis and Bill Hoffman are making progress in making ITK installation relocatable. This is needed to finish the work on building plugins from an installation.
  • What's in VTK 5.2?
    • Infovis - Tables, Graphs, Views, IO
    • Refinements to WWidgets. Client/Server connections within the widgets. Event translation. New widgets (text, caption, affine, checkerboard, rectilinear wipe, annotation, key frame, contour, measurement, point/placer, plot)
    • Build now? Or wait until 5.2 released?
    • Repository freeze in March
    • Release on April 1, 2008
  • ITK release
    • Patches to ITK 3.4
      • Nine component/six component tensor conversion in IO has been patched to ITK 3.4
    • 1/19-2/1 moving contributions on Insight Journal for ITK 3.6
    • Move items from Review directory to main tree (QuadMesh, TransformIO) for ITK 3.6
    • Freeze repository 2/29 for ITK 3.6
    • Slicer3 will need to build against the Review directory.
  • CMake release
    • Version 2.6 on the horizon - release candidate in 3 weeks.
  • Tcl/Tk 8.5
    • Sebastien has a Windows build
    • Steve will try it out
    • Wait to switch to 8.5 until we have a good reason
  • Loadable modules
    • Sebastien - working on CMake issues on building modules as loadable modules
    • Terry - working on loading modules and reworking Slicer3.cxx
  • Event Broker
  • DWI DICOM as part of the Load Volume. Xiaodong is working on it.
  • ITKFactories directory in build and installs to hold ImageIO plugin libraries. Should increase the speed of executable plugins on the Mac.
  • OpenIGTLink
    • Protocol on the wiki (message format)
    • Put code in Sandbox, SourceForge, NITRC, Google Code???
  • Will schedule a time to go over the Project Week results


No tcon due to AHM


  • Attendees: Jim, Steve, Will, Brad Davis
  • Topics:
    • Jim and Will talked about leading the Monday and Friday sessions, and who would do what.
    • We are going to send out reminders to the project leads to ensure that their project descriptions are up to date
    • We discussed the software process project to make sure that we have a chance to address the Slicer build process, dashboards, etc.
    • We decided not to hold the project wrap-up presentation at AHM; we will do that later at subsequent TCons. (We decided that we needed the time to actually work. We are concerned that we are starting to see too many break-outs and not enough time to work.)
    • We keenly missed Tina and hope that she and her family are doing well.