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Slicer 4 review and programming sprint


July 19, 10 am -21, 4pm 2011


Slicer 4 core programmers


Demo room, 2nd floor, 1249 Boylston Street, Boston, MA


  • Identify roadmap for a Slicer 4 product release for the RSNA confernece

Work on

Main Topics

  • Critical Features
  • Bug fixes
  • Download setup and integration with the existing Slicer website

Priority TBD


  • Reformat capabilities: We need a widget and possibly a slider based interface.
  • Main GUI
    • face lift for the Slice viewers: reduce permanent non-image components. Reduce the number and depth of submenus.
    • 3D viewer should have similar appearance to slice viewers
  • Update tutorials
    • After main gui
    • Using GUI Testing
  • Volume rendering transfer function
    • Jittery, and banding
    • Threshold
    • Better appearance of the elements of the transfer function. They look ugly and are not antialiased. Check the graph in Ohloh and mouse over it. Looks much nicer!
    • Group selection and shifting

Under the hood

  • GPU Volume Rendering
    • ATI
    • Mac
    • How many GPU render engines to support/provide? Ron: I just need a single one that works:
      • flythrough
      • combination of VR, cross-sections, surface models, annotations
  • hierarchies
    • display
    • drag and drop capability
  • Annotations
    • vtkWidgets
    • GUI layout
    • compositing with volume rendering does not work properly
    • Working group (?)


  • Move to git/gerrit
  • GUI Testing
    • Instrumenting CTK widgets
    • Conversion of tutorials to tests
  • Tk/Tcl
    • Removing the last dependencies
  • Performance optimization
    • Module for profiling events
  • Extensions
    • Support for superbuild
    • Requirements for testing, documentation, tutorials, and continued support from developers
      • How to name different levels of compliance
  • Downloads
    • Statistics on packages and on individual extensions
    • Web pages
    • Technologies
  • Charts
    • Reference Implementation (Marcus)
    • sceneviews support
  • Interactive CLI modules



  1. Ron Kikinis
  2. Steve Pieper
  3. Nicole Aucoin
  4. Julien Finet
  5. Daniel Haehn (only 07/19)
  6. Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin
  7. Stephen Aylward
  8. Will Schroeder