Gestural Point of Care Interface for IGT

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Key Investigators

  • Saskia Camps
  • Franklin King
  • Steve Pieper
  • Tobias Penzkofer
  • Andras Lasso

Project Description


Multimodal interventions have to deal with an increased amount of information that needs to be consumed during the intervention. The sterile conditions during the procedures prevent the surgeon/interventionalist from using traditional input devices like mice or conventional touch screens. This project aims to investigate new input devices, which can be used touchless or can be sterilized for use during IGT cases with Slicer 4.

Approach, Plan

  • Common interface, testing and evaluation of devices
  • Create prototype implementations of touchless interfaces using the Leap Motion Controller
  • Evaluate gestures to select the most effective movements for a touchless interface
  • Evaluate potential tasks that may benefit from a touchless interface


  • Prototype interfaces for actions within Slicer have been developed
  • Investigated use of Leap Motion for DICOM browsing
    • Prototype Leap-controlled DICOM browsers created
  • Set up parameters for quantitative evaluation of gesture control implementations