Iowa Meshing Tutorial

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IA-FEMesh Module in Slicer3
IA-FEMesh Module showing material properties

Key Investigators

  • Iowa: Nicole Grosland, Kiran Shivanna, Austin Ramme, Vincent Magnotta
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • KnowledgeVis: Curt Lisle



Develop an interactive tutorial for use with the IA-FEMesh module in Slicer3. This tutorial will outline the steps required for using the building block approach developed for this module. An example dataset for the proximal phalanx from a cadaveric specimen will be used as the data for the tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, users should be able to mesh any arbitrary structure from a surface defining the object of interest.

Approach, Plan

This tutorial will walk users through the multiple stages of model development that is initiated from a surface defining the region of interest. This will include

  1. Building block creation and editing
  2. Mesh seed specification
  3. Mesh generation
  4. Mesh quality visualization and improvement
  5. Definition of Node/Element sets
  6. Assignment of material properties
  7. Assignment of Forces/ Boundary conditions
  8. Saving of results


A tutorial has been developed and data is available for tutorial