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The National Alliance for Medical Image Computing,NA-MIC, is a network of peers consisting of computer scientists, engineers and biomedical researchers. NA-MIC has multiple goals which include:

The main role of the leadership of this enterprise is to set the long term and short term goals for the Alliance. This requires close consultation and coordination with and among the participants of NA-MIC. A secondary role of the leadership core is to present NA-MIC to the outside world, including NIH, the biomedical and medical image computing communities.

NA-MIC Activities
NA-MIC activities
NA-MIC is a National Alliance with funded activities in a variety of disease processes, geographic locations and, anatomic regions.

Regular Meetings

  • Weekly Engineering Tcons
  • Monthly Algorithm Tcons
  • Regular phone calls with core PI's

Ongoing Activities

NA-MIC 2012 in numbers Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): a DBP for Na-mic. The goal of the project is to develop quantitative measures for the prediction of outcome in patients with moderate to severe brain trauma. Clinical: UCLA, algorithm research: UTAH, UNC, Kitware, engineering: UCLA, Kitware, GE. Software platform for delivery to the community: 3D Slicer (this is going to happen during next year)
From algorithms to tools Is it worth doing?


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