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Welcome to the NA-MIC Wiki!

Welcome! This system is meant to encourage quick and efficient communication among the participating investigators and the interested users. If you are interested in the BIG picture or need an introduction to our project please go to our main web page NA-MIC. To get an idea of the ongoing activities in this project, follow the links in the Navigation box on the left side of this page: Cores and Projects contains information about the activities in the individual NA-MIC cores as well as cross-NCBC activities, the Events pages contains information about upcoming and past NA-MIC events including teleconferences, and the Resources pages contain information about NA-MIC software.


A list of all our past and upcoming events.

NA-MIC Collaborations

This is a list of our internal and external collaborative projects.

NA-MIC kit

The NA-MIC Kit consists of all software that is being made available under the NA-MIC project, including Slicer3.

Why the KDE project switched to CMake. One of the largest FOSS efforts adopts a component of the NA-MIC kit for the next major release.

Results from Programming Events

These are the results from our programming events held in 2005 and 2006 so far.

Pages for Affiliated Research Teams and Organizations

NIH Page

  • This page contains useful information provided by our NIH officers.

Morphometry BIRN Page (to Wiki pages)

Function BIRN Page (to Wiki pages)

Mouse BIRN Wiki

Neuroimage Analysis Center (to Wiki pages)

  • This page contains information about the Neuroimage Analysis Center (NAC) Project.

NCIGT - National Center for Image-Guided Therapy

CIMIT (to Wiki pages)

  • This page contains information about CIMIT.