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These wiki pages are meant to encourage quick and efficient communication among the participating investigators and the interested users of NA-MIC, the National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing.

NA-MIC is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, software engineers, and medical investigators who develop computational tools for the analysis and visualization of medical image data. The purpose of the Center is to provide the infrastructure and environment for the development of computational algorithms and open-source technologies, and then oversee the training and dissemination of these tools to the medical research community.

NA-MIC was a national research center supported by grant U54 EB005149 from the NIBIB NIH HHS. NA-MIC itself is no longer a funded research effort, but many research projects driven by NA-MIC technologies continue.

To get an idea of the ongoing activities in this project, follow the links in the Navigation box on the left side of this page: Cores and Projects contains information about the activities in the individual NA-MIC cores as well as cross-NCBC activities, the Events pages contains information about upcoming and past NA-MIC events including teleconferences, and the Resources pages contain information about NA-MIC software.

Slicer 4.5 released in November 2015. See the Announcement for more information.

Resources at a glance

  • Events: A list of all our past and upcoming events.
  • NA-MIC Kit: The NA-MIC Kit consists of software and software engineering methods that are used and developed by NA-MIC, including 3D Slicer.
  • NA-MIC Project Week: NA-MIC Project Week is a hands on activity -- open source programming using the 3D Slicer framework for clinical applications. The link above leads to results from project weeks held since 2005.
  • Call for Medical Image Computing Grant Applications: This is a call to help us improve the review process for Medical Image Computing grant applications by NIH.
  • Other Links