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== From: Morphometry BIRN Annual Meeting, Miami, Mar 2-4, 2005 ==
#REDIRECT [[Mbirn: Goals for Data Management and Workflow Milestones]]
N. Aucoin, J. Sacks, D.Kennedy, H. Schmidt, M. Mendis, S.Murphy, A.Toga, C. Fennema-Notestine, K.Crawford, R. Nor, D. Marcus, R. Buckner, J. Grethe, D. Keator, M. Miller, T.Brown
'''Agenda and Goals'''
* [[Data_Provenance:Goals|Goals and Milestones For Data Provenance]]
* [[Goals_for_Data_Management_%26_Workflow_Milestone|Goals for Data Management]]
* [[Goals_for_Workflow|Goals for Workflow]]
* [[Media:Comp_Inf_Mar05_milestones.ppt| Powerpoint of Data Management Goals]]

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