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This page serves as a central point documenting the activities in Shape Analysis Research within NAMIC.

Key personnel

UNC: Martin Styner

MIT: Polina Golland

GeorgiaTech: Delphine Nain

Utah: Tom Fletcher

Main projects

Collaborative projects are listed in a separate page: NA-MIC_Internal_Collaborative_Projects

  • Open source tools for point based boundary shape analysis

Standardization for Describing Population Analysis Studies within NAMIC

This section describes the initial proposal to deal on a more general basis with population studies and are kept here only for historic reasons. The current work is documented here.

The first thing that needs to be tackled by the shape folks within NAMIC is the facilitation of exchange of shape analysis algorithms and data. As there is no standard for the external or internal representation of any population/study description data, the exchange of methods is quite difficult. Thus, within NAMIC we will create a 'local' standard for the use of shape analysis methods and the description of the data the methods are applied to.

The project documentation regarding the general feature analysis framework can be found on this Project description page

Individual discussions and proposals:

  • Minutes from the Discussion at the AHM Salt Lake City Feb 2005