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Additional instructions available here:

1) Build Slicer3

2) Build IGSTK a. Build OpenIGTLink lib

b. Check out IGSTK and IGSTKSandbox of September 30, 2008: cvs -d login answer by 'igstk' cvs -d co -D "2008/09/30" IGSTK cvs -d co -D "2008/09/30" IGSTKSandbox

c. Configure and build IGSTK and IGSTKSandbox IGSTKSandbox_USE_FLTK --> OFF IGSTKSandbox_USE_OpenIGTLink --> ON

3) Set up system a. Connect Aurora with the computer you built IGSTK. If the computer has serial port(s), connect Aurora to it. Otherwise, use a usb to serial adapter. b. Bring Slicer3 up and set it (inside OpenIGTLink module) as a server to receive data from Aurora. c. Tune the configuration file (the attached xml file) for the system settings (see next section).

4) Configuration file The xml file configure the tracking device and parameters for communication. The following two fields may need to be changed:

a. send_to_ip: If Slicer3 runs on the same computer as IGSTK, use "localhost." Otherwise, put in the IP address of the computer running Slicer3. b. com_port: If Aurora is connected with the computer through a serial port, put in the port number (e.g. 0, 1, ...). If a usb to serial adapter is used, follow these steps (on Windows): i) Start --> Control Panel --> System --> Hardware --> Device Manager --> Ports. There, you can find which COM port is used for your device. ii) If you get COM 6, use 5 (6-1) for the value of com_port. If you get COM 1, use 0 (1-1). ......

5) Run TrackerConfiguration:

If IGSTK and IGSTKSandbox build succefully, you should see an executable named TrackerConfiguration in IGSTKSandbox-build/bin/(debug). Run it like this (in a cygwin shell or cmd prompt): TrackerConfiguration.exe auroraConfig.xml 3

3 is just the frequency to grab data from Aurora. Specify a different value as you want.

Let me know if you have any questions.