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The OsteoPlan project consists of porting OsteoPlan module from Slicer 2.6 to Slicer 3.6.<br>
'''Need VTK 5.7 at least to use vtkClipClosedSurface function.'''
[[Image:logo_psi.jpg|200px|right| PSI]]
* Type: Extension
* Language: C++
* Developed OS: Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat (10.10)
* Compile on: Linux x86_64 / Windows 7 (x86)
* Run on: Slicer 3.6.3 ''trunk'' (only version tested)
* Starting Date: January, 4th
* Expected Deadline:
* Developer: Laurent Chauvin
* For: PSI
*Python 3.1.3
*CMake 2.8.3
*ITK 3.20.0
*VTK 5.7
*Itcl 3.4b1
*Tk 8.5.9
*Tcl 8.5.9
*OpenIGTLink 2.0
*cmcurl 4.2
==Options available==
* Cutter resizable
* Toggling a cutter
* Multiple clipping
* Move clipped part through transformation node (vtkMRMLLinearTransformNode)
* Place fiducials
* Back to original position
* Wizard style
==Under development==
* User friendly way to place distractor
* Reduce number of clicks
* Cutter 1mm
==To develop==
* Use or create widget to move clipped parts
*Fix toggle visibility of vtkMRMLModelNode created from polydata
** ''Status'': Done
<gallery widths="180" perrow="3">
Image:VisualCutting.jpg| Visually cut model
* <strike>MGH, Boston: January, 5th.</strike>
* <strike>PSI, Andover: January, 27th. Waban Station, 11:30.</strike>
* <strike>PSI, Andover: February, 10th. Newton Center Station, 8:45am.</strike>

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