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NAMIC, the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing, was funded by NIH as part of the NCBC program. NIH's intention was to build a computational infrastructure to support biomedical research. The program was designed with a mandatory sunset after 10 years. For NA-MIC, this deadline has been reached in June of 2014. In addition to important progress in algorithmic research NAMIC produced a computational platform for medical image computing, called the NAMIC kit. NAMIC resulted in the creation of a community of algorithm researchers, biomedical scientists and software engineers using the NAMIC kit. One of the important organizational aspects of NAMIC are the biannual project weeks, where the community comes together in a week-long working event. In contrast to conventional conferences and workshops the primary focus of the project weeks is to make progress in projects (as opposed to reporting about progress).

Plans Past June of 2014

Given the vibrant community present at project weeks, we intend to continue to organize the events every 6 months.