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Local Hosts

  • Dr Harlem Gongxeka, Senior Specialist Radiologist

Training Faculty

  • Steve Pieper, Ph.D., Isomics, Inc. and Surgical Planning Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA


  • Exchange information about research communities and common scientific/clinical interests
  • Review ongoing research work related to 3D Slicer software
  • Provide guided hands-on exposure to 3D Slicer functionality by working through example analysis tutorials


  • Attendees may wish to review the web sites related to 3D Slicer research:
    • the main project web site
    • a community of researchers using 3D Slicer and related software
    • a large project related to imaging and interventional/surgical therapy
    • a project focused on radiation therapy
  • To get an idea of the types of research, have a look at 3D Slicer related publications
  • It would be ideal if workshop participants could come with specific ideas or questions related to how the software might relate to their own research or clinical interests.

Software Installation

We will use 3D Slicer version 4.4, which is available for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the download page.


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Confirm installation of software and data sets
  • First hands-on session: 3D Data Loading and Visualization
  • Questions and discussion
  • Break
  • Presentation of research community: history, projects, activities, institutions
  • Presentation of clinical applications: image-guided therapy, chest imaging, neuroimaging, etc.
  • Break
  • Second hands-on session: Exploration of white matter in neurosurgical planning
  • Questions and Discussion