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Key Investigators

  • PI: Gabor Fichtinger, PhD
  • David Gobbi, Queen's University
  • Csaba Csoma, Johns Hopkins University
  • Katie Hayes, BWH
  • Peter Kazanzides, Johns Hopkins University
  • Philip Mewes, BWH
  • Junichi Tokuda, BWH


The Queen’s/Hopkins team is developing novel devices and procedures for cancer interventions, including biopsy and therapies.

Our goal for the programming week is to design and start implementing software for the new MRI Brachytherapy needle positioning robot.

Approach, Plan

The first step is to create a system design: workflow, software components, communication protocols, dataflow.

Next we'll create NaviTrack module and test program for the embedded computer which controls the robot. (Linux)


Meeting at JHU on July 17-19, 2007

  • Finalized communication protocol
  • Completed the NaviTrack module and the Slicer module
  • Successfully tested with robot simulation
  • Successfully tested with the transperineal robot in 3T magnet

Additional Information