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Scatter plot of the original FA data through the genu of the corpus callosum of a normal brain.
Regression of FA data; solid line represents the mean and dotted lines the standard deviation.

Key Investigators

  • Georgia Tech: John Melonakos
  • Kitware: Brad Davis
  • BWH: Marek Kubicki


We are developing methods for analyzing diffusion tensor data along fiber tracts. The goal is to be able to make statistical group comparisons with fiber tracts as a common reference frame for comparison.

Approaches and Challenges

Our approach for analyzing diffusion tensors is summarized in the IPMI 2007 reference below. The main challenge to this approach is <foo>.


June 2007 Project Week

This is where you put in progress made in Project Week 2007.

January 2007 Project Half Week

Software for the fiber tracking and statistical analysis along the tracts has been implemented. The statistical methods for diffusion tensors are implemented as ITK code as part of the DTI Software Infrastructure project. The methods have been validated on a repeated scan of a healthy individual. This work has been published as a conference paper (MICCAI 2005) and a journal version (MEDIA 2006). Our recent IPMI 2007 paper includes a nonparametric regression method for analyzing data along a fiber tract.


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