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Key Investigators

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps

Human-Computer Interaction under Sterile Conditions.

  • Review of state of the art (tochless interaction)
  • Development of new user interfaces to support surgical interterventions
  1. Long, intensive conceptualization (2 days) of possibilities for gesture interaction and audio feedback for it
    1. We will need moderation kit (paper, pencil, markers, etc)
  2. Prototypes of possible auditory/visual feedback based on conceptualization
    1. With OSC communication protocol, David will make quick, flexible sound methods
    2. foot/eye interaction (?)
  1. Connected Slicer to OSC: added SlicerSoundControl extension (, see below for necessary OSC message names
  2. Tested avoidance warning with experimental integration into breast lumpectomy navigation module (LumpNav):
  3. tried using gestures to zoom windows in and out


OpenSoundControl.png OpenSoundControl module for configuring and testing OpenSoundControl server communication SoundNavigation.png SoundNavigation module for automatically generating OpenSoundControl messages for tool navigation, from tool and reference transform nodes



Environment for Testing Slicer Sound Control

OSC Message names:

Base name: /SoundNav/Instrument/

Translation: each fro 0 to 100 mm

  • /TranslationX
  • /TranslationY
  • /TranslationZ
  • /Distance (absolute distance)

Translation: each from 0 to 180 degrees

  • /OrientationX
  • /OrientationY
  • /OrientationZ
  • /Orientation (overall orientation)

GUI for test: OSCTest GUI

Environment for Sterile Gestures (planned, not yet implemented)

  • In/ out
    • --> "/InOut 0" out
    • --> "/InOut 1" in
  • Edge distance (0 to 3 cm?)
    • --> "/EdgeDist x" where x is float between 0 and 3


  • Overall acceleration
    • --> "/OverallAccel x" where x is float between 0 and 1
  • Background noise
  • Absolute position (x/y, not depth) to show current selected window
    • --> "/AbsPolX x" where x is float between 0 and 1
    • --> "/AbsPolY x" where x is float between 0 and 1


  • select image
    • --> "/SelectGesture x" where x is gesture number
  • zoom to left window
  • zoom to right window
  • put back into small viewer


example HCI with freehand gestures for sound

Example of previous related work using standard surgical gloves and OR compatible plastic draping confirmed to be compatible with sterile requirements at BWH AMIGO: ]


Mewes et al. (2017) Touchless Interaction with Software in Interventional Radiology and Surgery: A Systematic Literature Review

Hettig et al. (2017) Comparison of Gesture and Conventional Interaction Techniques for Interventional Neuroradiology