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Key Investigators

  • Utah: Ran Tao, Tom Fletcher, Ross Whitaker


We want to implement the Mutual Information metric using partial voluming for the registration of multi-modal images. The aim is to correct EPI distortions in diffusion-weighted images (DWIs).

Approach, Plan

Our approach is to register the DWIs to the baseline (B0) image using affine transformations and mutual information. We are implementing a version of MI that interpolates both joint histogram and partial voluming. This is smoother than the Mattes MI currently in ITK.


  • finished 3D mutual information metric coding
  • tested to register T2 diffusion weighted image to its own baseline T2 image
  • with the help of Luis, rewrote the code into ITK filter

Future Work

  • test the algorithm using Autism data and data from MIND
  • compare the acuracy between this MI metric and Matte Metric

Additional Information

Plot of MI versus xyz translation using PTV (T1 and T2 images)
Same plot using Mattes


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  • Liu.J Artifacts reduction in mutual information-based image registration using prior information in Image Processing, 2003. ICIP 2003. Proceedings. 2003 International Conference