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Slicer 3 tractography display.

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Raul San Jose, Lauren O'Donnell, Alex Yarmarkovich


Deployment of whole brain seeding: data structure, fiber tracking and fast query mechanism to support editing operation and ROI-based fiber selection.

Approach, Plan

Our approach is to port the Streamline techniques used in Slicer 2 as a Command Line Module. We plan on looking at a optimal memory representation of a full brain tractography set for optimal querying and retrival of specific fibers according to spatial locations.


  • Software for the fiber tracking has been ported and interfaces has been updated to VTK 5.
  • The command line module has been developed and fiber mrml bundles have been incorporated to the XML description (joint collaboration with Casey Goodlett).
  • Collaboration with parties involved in Diffusion Imaging to facilitate the incorporation of diffusion tools.
  • Design decision has been made to incorporate basic display logic into DisplayMRMLNodes to meet needs across projects and improve performance.