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Key Investigators

  • Wendy, Jim, Nicole, Steve, Ron


Plan for ROIs in Slicer3

He'd like ROI-drawing functionality to be available (like Fiducials are) across the application -- not only in the ROI module or the Editor module, etc. He'd like to avoid making a user "wormhole" from one module into another (ROI/Editor) module to define a region, and then navigate back to continue what they were doing.

So somehow, at the application GUI level, Ron would like to expose this functionality. I think that sounds like a good idea.

There are multiple ways we can define ROIs: 1. directly: painting a label map (Editor module) 2. implicitly: specifying a location-and-radius (Fei's module), or 3. vector-form: points + curves (may be a DICOM compatible representation) ...(others?)...

To expose this at the Application GUI level, we could use a new ROI-mouse-mode (maybe a drop down choice from a single icon)? or a pop-up-and-dismiss ROI toolbox?

so before we add an icon to the toolbar for Fei's ROI module, we should see if there's a good way to consolidate this functionality and provide one-click access to it.

Approach, Plan




slicer-devel email discussion of needed changes to vtkITK.