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  • Time: 12 - 2 pm, Aug 30, 2010
  • Location: 1249 Bolyston Street Boston
  • Participants: Daniel, Dominique, Kilian, Nicole, Steve, Wendy


  • Demo by Daniel
  • Current issues
    • Slicer QT debug problem (gdb works fine when python is not enabled - DH)
  • 12:20 Review
    • GUI Design
    • Architecture
      • Status of current architecture - what should be improved ?
      • Status of VTK Widgets
        • Kitware
        • Testing by Nicole
      • DisplayableManagers
        • MRML<->Widget interaction (f.e. property dialog), this is very close (DH)
        • 2D / 3D Interaction
          • 2D Displayable Managers (not started yet (DH))
      • Annotation hierarchy by Nicole
      • Mouse Interaction Manager
      • Question: Association of volume and models with annotations for measurements
        • use foreground/background volume when annotation is placed?
        • what happens if annotation is deleted?
  • 1:20 Planning
    • Milestones until end of year (for Developer Beta)
      • Finish Property Window
      • Make Top Priority Annotation (Fiducial, Bi-directional, Ruler, Text)
        • Make 2D annotation work
        • Show 2D annotation in 3D and vise versa
        • widget instance cache
        • Grey out other annotations right now
      • Make sure Import /Export works (Load and Save MRML, Save Report)
      • Annotation Hierarchy
        • Creating MRML (Nicole)
        • Interaction with CLI (Nicole)
        • Create GUI (Daniel)
      • Basic Mouse mode Toolbar (Wendy)
    • Goals for the next budget year
      • Create a project at AHM to have DBPs use the annotation tool
      • Collect feedback and remove Bugs
      • implement most important features based on feedback
    • Create (performance) test for different annotations

Current Wish list (updated: 08/30/2010)

  • By Ron: specify Use Cases for different Annotations
    • Text: short and long text (multiple paragraphs) should be possible
      • include some international and some special characters in your long version of a test text for the text annotation tool (e.g. a with Umlaut, c with circumflex, the dollar sign)
  • By Ron: mode for automatic alignment of annotations
  • Recist widget:
    • Is bidimensional measurement the right tool?
  • add a scalar color bar annotation
  • implement hierarchy (waiting for nicole)
  • Screenshots of 2D viewers
  • Polyline does not work (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • ROI does not work (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • ruler node does not work (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • initial values are incorrectly shown in the property dialog (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • delete text in the property dialog may crash Slicer3 (HIGH PRIORITY)
  • icons are not saved properly in the HTML report.
  • entering text and numbers in property dialog has very funny behavior
  • Have Fiducial saved via vtkMRMLAnnotationFiducialNode
  • implement "reset viewer" button - viewer is returned to setting when annotation was last modified
  • Include annotation that automatically reads in information from dicom header file such as patient name , ...
  • By Ron: Add flag to report so that if it is set only visible annotations are shown
    • we should just use the selected annotations in the table for the report
  • By Ron: plugin with AIM (
  • By Ron: adding histology slides as annotations (
  • By Ron: Make sure that annotations are associated with scenes , i.e. if you set a different scene then annotations disappear
  • By Ron: Make a demo with /data/Dropbox/RonsExamples/NeuroDemoMayExperiments/2010-03-4Views.mrml
  • By Ron: Create a task for
  • By Ron: use new LUT created by Michael Halle
  • wjp: discuss sketch of mouse-modes and anno gui...
  • SP: Want to have different metrics such as nano meter . By default should be a 0.1 mm
  • KP: Multiple property windows
  • Include hierarchy tree with buttons similar to the data model in Slicer 3.6
  • Create flag for associating annotation with module or volume

Top issues for Beta Release (Dec)