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On Tuesday, 21st of September 2010 Wendy, Nicole, Steve and Daniel got together to look at the current Annotation module status.

  • Performance problems with multiple vtkBiDimensionalWidgets (as an example, happens with all vtkWidgets) while rotating/zooming the 3D view
    • Daniel wrote a test to place 5 vtkBiDimensionalWidgets isolated from 3D Slicer and DisplayableManagers - just pure VTK
      • The performance of this test is much better than 3D Slicer but delays are still visible
    • We took process samples on Mac OS X to find the source of these problems
      • SlicerQT with 5 vtkBiDimensionalWidgets sampling:
      • TestAnnotationWidgetsStandalone with 5 vtkBiDimensionalWidgets sampling:
    • A major performance loss was identified when rendering the texts next to the widgets
      • We deactivated the text display and the rendering performance in Slicer increased dramatically
      • Possible solution: hide all texts when the 3D window is rotated etc.
  • Current status of Annotation module:
    • Ruler, Bidimensional and Fiducials can be placed in 2D and 3D
      • Synchronization with MRML and among the 2D/3D views work
    • The ruler should show the dividers on a fixed scale according to millimeter or cm
    • Sometimes the placement of fiducials causes funky behavior
    • Reformated Axis or changed orientations of the SliceNodes cause problems
    • Sometimes the measurement display of rulers is not correct (f.e. a strange "4 4" display - maybe the sprintf function causes problems?)
    • Undo worked but redo crashed
    • MRML Scene Load and Save should be checked
  • Next step: Hierarchy
    • API from Nicole is available in the trunk
    • We probably do not need a separate Fiducial (lite) module (TBD later)
    • There will be an invisible top hierarchy in which new annotations are added without creating a hierarchy
      • Then a new hierarchy can be added as a subset to each existing hierarchy
      • As soon as the first hierarchy gets created, the invisible top-level hierarchy will be a new visible hierarchy on the same level of the created one
    • It should be possible to pass annotation hierarchies or only one type of annotations inside a hierarchy to Node Selectors and CLI modules
    • Maybe extend the data module to provide an annotation view of the MRML tree?
      • BTW the data module crashed on drag and drop
  • After hierarchy:
    • Finish up property dialog