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Feedback from Ron 08/24/11

  • in general: Ron is very pleased with the top-level things

The Text Dilemma

  • problem: annotations are obstructing the images: this should NOT be the case
    • fonts ugly
    • text gets in the way of things you want to see
  • different direction needed: show information in left bottom corner
    • two kinds of information
      • software wants to show information (push)
      • user requests information (pull)
    • in viewers: minimal information
    • in bottom left corner of Slicer GUI: medium details
    • somewhere else (in the annotation module): full details
    • cdash example: way of not to do it -> important information is covered by annotations
    • ohloh example: good example -> first minimal, then under cursor more details when probing

Possible Solution

  • assign names (F1,F2,F3 for Fiducials, M1,M2,M3 for measurements, R1,R2 for ROI... ) and descriptions
    • name appears in viewers
    • description in bottom lower left on roll-over in viewers
    • in annotation module: full details: Name, description, options

General Changes (Target for RSNA release)

  • take everything out which does not work properly (except for critical functionality)

Targeting the Text Dilemma

  • name+description in bottom lower left (Steve)
    • possible problem: mouse over event on vtk widgets might not be easily realizable. Plan C could be a query mechanism, where the user requests this information through a keystroke or such (if annotation detail is not available we will only show slice information and add annotation detail later).
  • in viewers only name (Nicole)
    • one letter naming checked in to svn 17837.
    • using name instead of text checked into svn 17889.

Slim down the Annotation Module

  • get rid of text annotation
  • get rid of bidimensional annotation
  • just three annotation types: fiducials, measurements (ruler), ROIs
    • done in svn 17835

vtkWidget Changes

  • ruler: ticks only in 2D, every centimeter, can be turned off (Alex)
    • For now, turn off ticks in both 2D and 3D (Alex)
    • Later, fix zooming in 2D, only have long (major) ticks at 1cm.
    • Later, change to spheres for ticks (at 1cm) in 3D
  • handles for all annotations zooming behavior: should be like Slicer3 (Alex)
  • ROI needs a name in the future: requires infrastructure change (not for RSNA) (Alex)
  • Later: don't turn off ruler visibility when endpoints are outside the viewport

Displayable Manager

  • Coordinate issues (Daniel)
    • Fiducials and Rulers show up in all slice views when they shouldn't
    • Fiducials and Rulers 'jump' on mouse over
    • fixed in rev. 18042

Qt GUI Changes

  • property dialog re-design
    • for RSNA: change default tab in property box: point tab for Fiducial, Ruler; ROI tab for ROI (Daniel)
    • sliders in fiducial properties jumps weird: should have dynamic range or 0..20 for the beginning (Nicole) - fix checked in to svn 17904
      • size presets: medium is actual size, small and large presets (Nicole)
    • property linking between elements of widgets so that the user has to change colors at one location
      • GUI: Qt Widgets (Daniel) (WIP uploaded to SVN 17896 and 17898)
      • MRML: DisplayNode changes (Nicole) to be done post-RSNA
      • add a button to change colour for all elements of an annotation (Nicole)
  • hotspot icons for ruler placement: new icons on wendy's todo list (Wendy and Nicole) svn 17993.
  • TreeView
    • second eye should be removed (Nicole) - svn 18041.
    • allow display/editing of node names (Nicole) - svn 18041.
  • remove Create Panel (Daniel)
    • replace by toolbar - do we really want to have the toolbar 2x? No! (Daniel)
    • view transform in the toolbar: should be cancel (Daniel)
      • add a key (maybe ctrl) to have it pause mode (TODO later - now just option to cancel).
  • screenshots and sceneviews go into toolbar (Nicole)
  • take out advanced panel (svn rev. 17835)

MRML Changes

  • changes related to linking properties (Jim)
  • fiducial list, so that saving many fiducials do not creates so many files (Nicole)
    • not creating a new node, will look at options to consolidate the fiducial files and support transforms of hierarchies of fiducials

Performance and Stability

  • Testing (Nicole)
    • add multiple fiducials, ROIs, rulers for timing
    • test named py_AnnotationsTestingAddManyFiducials (adds 20 fids) added in svn 17892. Memory leaks causes test to fail on dashboard.
    • tests named py_AnnotationsTestingAddManyRulers and py_AnnotationsTestingAddManyROIs added in svn 17900. ROIs leaking even more than Fids and Rulers.
  • (Steve) Run tests on mac to profile where time is spent
  • Volume Rendering multiple renders when fiducials are present (may be inherent in the widgets) (?) (Will + Julien)
  • Fixing why the annotations lead to slowdowns
  • Fix random crashes (all)
    • Undo/Redo - disable all GUI appearances of undo/redo. (Alex)