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Slicer4: Annotation module - Priority List for December release

This list includes to-be-done features, open issues and other related things to do. High and Medium priorities target the December release.


  1. Scenesnapshot/scene annotation. See here for an example.
    • Will integrate functionality in Annotation Module - review existing functionality for saving/loading views and merge it with screenshot in annotation tool
    • Ron will work with somebody else to create fancy user interface
  2. 2D widget interaction
    • When using the lightbox view the Annotations do not get displayed properly yet, only fiducials work (work in progress by Kitware)
    • When switching slice orientation the Annotations do not get displayed properly yet
    • When widget is not displayed completely in an orientation but intersects with the specific slice, show the intersection as a dot (01/14/11)
    • Sometimes after placement of fiducials funky behavior when switching to different widget [dependency: VTK Widget Fiesta 5/6th November 2010]
  3. Annotation hierarchies [dependency: QTreeModel by Nicole]
    • GUI: Nice tree view with functionality to create/delete hierarchies, drag'n'drop annotations, view/edit/(un-)lock/delete annotations
    • Logic: include an invisible top-level hierarchy, create appropriate hierarchy nodes when annotations are created, properly delete MRML nodes + widgets
  4. Property dialog to set text, line and point properties (01/14/11)
    • GUI: Align the layout better (01/14/11)
    • Logic: Update DisplayNode according to settings in dialog and together with hierarchies (01/14/11)
  5. Generate Report with option to select specific Annotations [dependency: #3]
  6. Implement Save/Load MRML Scene with Annotations [dependency: #3, #4]
  7. vtkTextWidget [dependency: VTK Widget Fiesta 5/6th November 2010]
    • Add option to attach text to a specific point in 2D/3D space and ability to configure the line
  8. vtkRulerWidget (work in progress by Kitware)
    • Show the dividers on a fixed scale according to millimeter or cm
  9. Tutorial


  1. Use own file extension to save annotations (Ron)</strike
    • Ideas: .anot8 (annot-eight) .mian (medical informatics annotation) .sa (slicer annotation) .san (slicer annotation)
      • .saf (slicer annotation format) .sat (slicer annotation tool) are already taken:1
  2. Add vtkMRMLAnnotationDicomNode to fetch a header from a loaded volume and store it inside the MRML tree (file/add volume has some of that functionality already). (TBD)
  3. Implement "reset viewer" button - viewer is returned to setting when annotation was last modified


  1. Add Screenshot functionality for 2D Viewers (maybe directly in Slicer instead?)
  2. Add Screenshot and Description Annotations for a new Snapshot module
    • MRML: Introduce vtkMRMLAnnotationSnapshotNode then vtkMRMLAnnotationDescriptionNode and vtkMRMLAnnotationScreenshotNode to implement functionality
      • These will not be displayed in the 3D Scene or 2D viewer - only in the new Snapshot module or during loading of scenes as a browser
  3. Include new Slicer mouse mode toolbox [dependency: Mouse mode toolbox by Wendy]
  4. Use the new Widget API to place/interact with widgets [dependency: VTK Widget Fiesta 5/6th November 2010]
  5. Get-together with Mike Halle to discuss AIM Annotation tools (IPAD, ClearCanvas plugin)
  6. Replace click-counter by stack to set different mouse icons according to the placement/interaction state of widget
  7. Automatic alignment of annotations (Ron)
  8. Add a scalar color bar annotation
  9. Export to AIM language (Ron)
  10. Adding histology slides as annotations ( (Ron)
  11. Make a demo with /data/Dropbox/RonsExamples/NeuroDemoMayExperiments/2010-03-4Views.mrml (Ron)
  12. Use new LUT created by Michael Halle (Ron)
  13. Generate more UML diagrams