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== VTK widget testing macros ==
== VTK widget testing macros ==
* vtk widget testing macros to check if the widgets provide the
* vtk widget testing macros to check if the widgets provide the functionality we want them to (Nicole)
functionality we want them to (Nicole)
**[[Projects:ARRA:VTKWidgetsTesting | VTK Widgets Testing Notes]]
== Displayable manager active node concept  ==
== Displayable manager active node concept  ==

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Hierarchy nodes concept

  • introducing the hierarchy nodes concept (known from the model module in Slicer3) to group annotations
    • enables to work on all annotations of one type or one subset
    • Nicole provides architecture
    • annotation lists for all annotation types? (see attached picture)
      • fiducial lists are def. needed
      • goes along with the hierarchy
      • able to hide all of one type, work on just one type, show all but work on one type
      • in the GUI sublists in the list widget would enable to select either a list or single annotations
  • display annotation position (coordinates) in the list?
  • every annotation has to have a display node
    • includes getters/setters for visibility, colors
    • where should the lock functionality go?
    • does lock mean no position change or no change at all

VTK widget testing macros

Displayable manager active node concept

  • displayable manager active node concept
    • no asserts in the code, will kill slicer
    • solutions for multiple 2D/3D views
      • MRMLViewNode should have IsCloneOf(viewId ..) ?
        • rename ActiveTag in cameraNode to associatedView or activeView
      • We would like to enable to view different annotations for different views
        • Every DisplayNode has a DeactiveTagList
        • A Tag is added to the DeactiveTagList if the node should not be displayed in the viewer
        • If a new viewer is created the corresponding displayableManager inserts all those widgets in that viewer that do not have the tag of that viewer in the DeactiveTagList of corresponding DisplayNodes
      • what happens if a scene containing annotations is loaded?
      • MRMLViewNode::GetActive() to create the annotations in the appropriate 3D view


Meeting with Nicole and Steve - July 19th, 2010