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Objective: To carry out quantitative and qualitative validation of the DTI tractography tools. These will be applied to a limited set of specific tracts in single data sets and single tractography tools, and on several data sets using at least two tractography programs and by investigators in different laboratories

Progress: We have analyzed and validated 11 major tracts in one dataset (Susumu Mori's; 5 subjects) and using one tractography tool (DTI Studio). These were analyzed in several different labs and the quantitative (kappa values) validation was successful and a manuscript is presently in near-final form. We are now analyzing two different datasets (Susumu Mori, Dartmouth) using two tractography tools (DTI Studio, Slicer), quantitative and qualitative comparisons, and two investigators in Fallon's lab. We will also examine these with Guido Gerig's DTI tractography tool.

Key Investigators:

  • UCI: James Fallon, Martina Panzenboeck
  • MGH: Steve Pieper
  • UNC: Guido Gerig
  • MIT: Lauren O'Donnell, Raul San Jose